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Zangrando bouillon cubes and granulated powders from organic farming



Granulars are the evolution of paste:

- They are subject to a drying process

- they facilitate a rapid melting

- they reduce the intake of fats (some granulars are totally produced only with extra virgin olive oil)

- You can add a touch of granular even after cocking

Packaging available are: plastic jar of 1kg (12 kg box), heat-sealed case of 2 kg (4 cases box) and bucket of 3 kg (3 kg box).

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GRC31 3% beef granular
Categoria: Granulars
Simply good! 1 Kg.
GRC51 5% beef granular
Categoria: Granulars
Excellent!! 1 kg.
GRCDSG1 Delicate granular no glutamate
Categoria: Granulars
Beef granular free in lactose and glutamate 1 Kg.
GRV1 Vegetable granular
Categoria: Granulars
Vegetable granular 1 Kg.
GRVOSGL1 Granulare Vegetale sg.
Categoria: Granulars
Granulare vegetale senza glutammato confezione da 1 Kg.
GRFU1 Mushrooms granular
Categoria: Granulars

Mushrooms granular 1 Kg.

GRPE1 Fish granular
Categoria: Granulars
Fish granular 1 Kg.
GRP1 Chicken granular
Categoria: Granulars

Chicken granular 1 Kg.