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Zangrando bouillon cubes and granulated powders from organic farming

Bouillon cubes

Our conventional products are made with high quality ingredients, in 6, 10 and 20 cube wrappings and packed according to markets, supermarkets and discounts’ needs. Our cubes “Brodo Oro” are well balanced to make a complete tasty soup and are excellent to exalt the taste of every dish.

We produce products with beef extract, vegetable or with dehydrated chicken, with our own brands or in private label. We build up our business on customers’ satisfaction: for this reason we work a lot on research and development and we are able to offer new customized recipes. We also look forward to anticipate market trends proposing new product lines without allergic ingredients but still full of taste(such as gluten or lactose free products).

Bouillon cubes are convenient and cheap, if dissolved in hot water are sufficient to prepare an excellent broth. They are also essential in every kitchen: used in the place of salt

can season every dish without covering the taste of the food.

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Sapore Classico
Categoria: Bouillon cubes

Sapore Classico 110g 

Classic cubes
Categoria: Bouillon cubes

Brodo Oro Classic cubes 110g

Brodo Oro Gustopiù 7%
Categoria: Bouillon cubes

Gustopiù 7% beef extract 110g

Brodo Oro Vegetable cubes
Categoria: Bouillon cubes
Ottimo Brodo vegetable cubes 110g
Brodo Oro Beef Taste
Categoria: Bouillon cubes
Classic taste without monosodium glutamate
Brodo Oro Vegetable broth
Categoria: Bouillon cubes
Vegetable broth without monosodium glutamate