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Zangrando bouillon cubes and granulated powders from organic farming



All of our organic products are organically grown and every ingredient is carefully selected for high quality. They contain no monosodium glutamate, no GMO (as required by regulation 2092/91 and updating) or animal fats. 100% of growing ingredients are organically grown and come from EC inspected farms.

We are market leader in this field in production, variety and assortment: We claim bouillons cubes for soups with vegetable, beef and chicken tastes, without monosodium glutamate added. We continually work on development of new products following customer needs and nutritional guide lines.

- Yeast extract We use is not obtained chemically but enzymatically;

- Products are enriched by miso’s proteins and this ingredient makes them esteemed for its organoleptic qualities;

- Recipes are well-balanced and tasty thanks to the dehydrated vegetables

You can obtain a broth taste very pleasant and delicate dissolving one cube in 500ml of boiling water.

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Sapori dalla natura

Our “Sapori dalla Natura” brand reflects the true and natural taste of our products

The attention to the customer needs has led us to develop 100% vegetable products, all gluten and lactose free, without monosodium glutamate. With this plus we created products without salt added and without yeast, very appreciated from our consumers.

Why buy products “Sapori dalla Natura”?

-We are a serious company that works from 50 years focusing on the maximum quality of the products.

-We provide the distributors directly, without agents or brokers, minimizing transports.

- Our intent is propose high quality products but a reasonable price.

- We only use BIOSAL natural sea salt that it does not contain additives or antiagglomerates

-We only use selected and natural ingredients from organic farming, vegetable non hydrogenated  fats and Italian extra virgin olive oil.

Antichi sapori

From the distant 80’s we started for first in Italy the development and the commercialization of Organic bouillon cubes. From the beginning We used all natural ingredients, without additives and flavorings, for a genuine Italian taste.


Our “Antichi Sapori” brand is in line with our philosophy: in these cubes you will find the true and genuine Italian taste.


This brand is distributed in the organic food stores.


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