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Zangrando bouillon cubes and granulated powders from organic farming

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Our products:

Our products, both organic and conventional, are approached to three types of categories:

  • Final consumer (retail products)
    • Brodo oro
    • Sapori dalla natura
    • Antichi sapori
    • Biosal natural sea salt

  • Food companies (destined to the transformation). We developed different recipes, also without allergens for companies that work in the ready-made meal and fresh pasta sectors
    • Brodo oro
    • Antichi sapori
  • Food service (professional products for horeca – catering and mess).
    • Brodo oro
    • Antichi sapori
    • Alpi food
    • Easy food

Products are spread both under our brands (Brodo Oro, Sapori dalla Natura, Antichi Sapori, Biosal natural sea salt , AlpiFood, etc..) and private label for commercialization companies and Large-Scale retail trade.


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