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Zangrando bouillon cubes and granulated powders from organic farming

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Our values

Customer’s needs and satisfaction are our primary targets.

Fairness: every choice must be share from all, customers and suppliers. Customers are the heart of our work and every activity has to be performed to improve the relation,  giving them assurance day by day. Our suppliers have to be able to share our values and strengths.

Our personalization services allow us to provide different solutions for the different uses of products. We are able to formulate different products promptly.

We want to be a partner with whom establish a long-term cooperation, providing all our professionalism.

Timeliness: Satisfy the customer with the maximum timeliness, from the pre-sales consultancy to the after-sales, is our prerogative.

Industriousness: Every result is a starting point for us. Our company is based on a model of continuous improvement where every step is monitored, analyzed and corrected, if necessary.

Competitiveness: Products must have high quality at a balanced price.

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